West Suffolk Local Plan (Regulation 18) Preferred Options

Part Three: Site Allocations

Non-strategic allocation

4.12a land west of Bunters Road, Wickhambrook

New reference number: 4.12a

SHELAA reference: WS195a

Location: land west of Bunters Road, Wickhambrook

Site area: 2.85 hectares

Preferred options indicative capacity: 40 dwellings (final capacity to be determined through site development brief)

Site map

4.12a land west of Bunters Road,Wickhambrook

Policy and capacity considerations 

  1. The site is located to the west of Wickhambrook and is part of a large arable field. To the west lies Claydon’s agricultural business site and to the east is Bunters Road.
  2. The opportunity for mixed use development should be explored on the site which could include community facilities and/or retail or local employment.
  3. The amount of land available for development, mix and location of uses, access arrangements, design and landscaping will be informed by a site development brief.
  4. A buffer to the off-site woodland southwest of the site must be provided.
  5. The site is within a great crested newt risk zone (GCN) and participation in the GCN District Level Licensing Scheme should be considered.
  6. Retain and enhance the existing boundary features and hedgerows with appropriate buffers.
  7. There are long views out of the site to the west which require strategic landscaping to create a strong settlement boundary.
  8. Vehicular access should be via Bunters Road to the north of the site.
  9. Pedestrian and cycle routes from the site should be provided to ensure the site is well connected to the settlement. Opportunities to provide greater access to these routes will be required, in line with the Suffolk Green Access Strategy.
  10. The site is within one kilometre of one or more established public rights of way and opportunities to connect to these will be encouraged.
  11. Ongoing discussions with infrastructure providers will establish and define infrastructure requirements generated by the site.