West Suffolk Local Plan (Regulation 18) Preferred Options

Part Three: Site Allocations

Non-strategic allocation

4.05a land at School Road, Great Barton

New reference number: 4.05a

SHELAA reference: WS092 and existing allocation reference: RV18
Great Barton Neighbourhood Plan: GB3

Location: land at School Road, Great Barton

Site area: 12.4 hectares

Preferred options indicative capacity: 150 dwellings

Site map

4.05a land at School Road, Great Barton

Policy and capacity considerations 

  1. Situated to the north-east of the settlement, south of Mill Road, west of the A143, and east of School Road.
  2. The site is an arable field with a woodland belt along the south-eastern boundary with the A143 and filling station to the eastern corner of the triangular shaped site, existing mature trees along the Mill Road frontage, a hedgerow along School Road, and a pond.
  3. Elms Farm adjoining the site to the south is a grade II listed building.
  4. Refer to Policy GB3 Land at School Road (The Triangle) in the Great Barton Neighbourhood Plan for further policy considerations.
  5. A development brief for the site will be required prior to determination of any planning application.
  6. Provide a verdant landscape character to the new development in keeping with the village.
  7. Retain and enhance the existing community Elms woodland, boundary features, hedgerows and pond with appropriate buffers to the open countryside to the north of Mill Road and east of the A143.
  8. Retain long distance views to the countryside across the site from School Road
  9. The site is within 7.5 kilometres of Breckland Forest Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), a component of Breckland Special Protection Area. Within this distance the potential for in-combination recreational effects should be considered
  10. The site triggers the SSSI impact risk zone relating to Glen Chalk Caves SSSI.
  11. Connect the site to existing facilities and the wider countryside using green corridors.
  12. Provide vehicular access to the site from Mill Road and safe and well-designed pedestrian and cycle routes through the site and access points to link the development with local services and facilities and the local road network.
  13. Ongoing discussions with infrastructure providers will establish and define infrastructure requirements generated by the site.