West Suffolk Local Plan (Regulation 18) Preferred Options

Part Three: Site Allocations

Non-strategic allocation

4.04a land south of Burwell Road and west of Queen View, Exning

New reference number: 4.04a

SHELAA reference: WS079 and existing policy reference: SA12(a)

Location: land south of Burwell Road and west of Queen View, Exning

Site area: 14.8 hectares

Preferred options indicative capacity: 205 dwellings

Site map

4.04a land south of Burwell Road and west of Queen View, Exning

Policy and capacity considerations

  1. The site is located along the southern side of Burwell Road. Formerly under agricultural use, the land is now fallow. To the west and south of the site is agricultural land and to the east is Chancery Park, a recently completed Persimmon residential development. The southern boundary of the site is bounded by a tree belt.
  2. A development brief has been approved for this site and planning permission has been granted.
  3. There is an identified need for a dedicated cross boundary cycle route between Burwell and this site.
  4. Sustainable travel provision including facilities for pedestrians and cyclists and links to existing networks should be made.
  5. Strategic landscaping and open space must be provided to address the individual site requirements and location.
  6. Initial archaeological field evaluation should be carried out prior to determination
  7. This site is within five kilometres of Devils Dyke Special Area of Conservation and Devils Dyke Site of Special Scientific Interest. Within this distance the potential for in-combination recreational effects must be considered.
  8. Existing hedgerows, tree-belts and boundary features should be retained and enhance with appropriate buffers.
  9. The tree-belts to the west and south-west of the site should be extended to provide a landscape boundary.