West Suffolk Local Plan (Regulation 18) Preferred Options

Part Three: Site Allocations

Non-strategic allocation

4.03a land at the end of Nether Road, Cavendish

New reference number: 4.03a

SHELAA reference: WS058 and existing policy reference: RV16(a)

Location: land at the end of Nether Road, Cavendish

Site area: 0.4 hectares

Preferred options indicative capacity: 10 dwellings

Site map

4.03a land at the end of Nether Road, Cavendish

Policy and capacity considerations

  1. This uncultivated field and former allotment lies to the north-east of Cavendish within the settlement boundary. The southern boundary of the site is marked by a brick wall, hedge and fence, with housing to the west and an arable field to the north and east of the site. Well-worn footpaths run around the perimeter of the site.
  2. The site is allocated in the St Edmundsbury Rural Vision 2031 Local Plan. The site is yet to come forward and further evidence is required to demonstrate an acceptable scheme is deliverable in order to take it forward site into the final local plan.
  3. Strategic landscaping and open space must be provided to address the individual site requirements and locations.
  4. A small section of species poor hedgerow has been planted at the eastern end of this boundary. A stream forms the northern boundary of the field, with an intermittent hedgerow along it. A few scattered trees are present along the eastern boundary.
  5. The hedgerows and boundary features should be retained and enhanced with appropriate buffers.
  6. A landscape buffer should be provided to the north respecting the Upper Stour Valley locally valued landscape which washes over this site.
  7. The public right of way which passes through this site should be retained.
  8. The design and development of the site should have regard to its conservation area setting and the area of areas of archaeological interest.
  9. Ongoing discussions with infrastructure providers will establish and define infrastructure requirements generated by the site.