West Suffolk Local Plan (Regulation 18) Preferred Options

Part Three: Site Allocations

Non-strategic allocation

2.01a Warren Close, Brandon

New reference number: 2.01a

SHELAA reference: WS033 and existing policy reference: SA2(a)

Location: Warren Close, Brandon

Site area: 0.67 hectares

Preferred options indicative capacity: to be determined by a development brief

Site map

2.01a Warren Close, Brandon

2.1.7. Policy and capacity considerations

  1. The site is located just outside the town centre to the east of Bury Road off Warren Close. It is previously developed land comprising the site of the town’s former library and a pre-school.
  2. The layout and capacity of this site will be determined through the preparation of a development brief.
  3. The protected trees and woodland located on the site shall be retained with appropriate buffers.
  4. Strategic landscaping and open space must be provided to address the individual site requirements and location.
  5. The site is within the 1500 metre constraint buffer around Breckland Special Protection Area (SPA). Effects on Stone Curlew from residential development must be considered including in-combination effects.
  6. This site is within 7.5 kilometres of Breckland Forest Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), a component of Breckland SPA. Within this distance the potential for in-combination recreational effects should be considered.
  7. The site triggers the SSSI impact risk zone relating to SSSI components of Breckland SPA.
  8. Connections to the existing footpath network around the site and to the open space to the south should be provided.
  9. Given the proximity to RAF Lakenheath, all proposals for development must incorporate appropriate noise mitigation measures.
  10. Ongoing discussions with infrastructure providers will establish and define infrastructure requirements generated by the site.

2.01g Brandon Cemetery

New reference number: 2.01g

Existing policy reference: SA3

Location: New cemetery site, Manor Road, Brandon

Site area: hectares

Site map

2.01g Brandon Cemetery

Policy and capacity considerations

  1. Planning permission for the new cemetery, vehicular access and road crossing was granted in April 2019 (DC/18/2490/FUL).
  2. A programme of archaeological work is required to be implemented prior to any development taking place on the site to safeguard archaeological assets within the site.
  3. A new access, boundary treatment, gates and landscaping will be required.
  4. If the current planning permission is not implemented or is varied, proposals should include measures for the management on site of any protected and/or priority species and any priority habitats present.