West Suffolk Local Plan (Regulation 18) Preferred Options

Part Three: Site Allocations

6. Type B villages and countryside

6.1. Type B villages perform an important characteristic and social function in West Suffolk. These villages have only a limited range of services and facilities. Any area not listed in the settlement hierarchy is designated as countryside. These places are characterised by having very few, or no services and facilities, and so large amounts of further growth in these locations would not be sustainable.

6.2. In type B villages in order to cater for appropriate small scale local growth, developments of five homes or less within the designated housing settlement boundary would be permitted. Those settlements designated as type B villages are listed in the settlement hierarchy in part one of this plan and below:

  • Bradfield St George
  • Chevington
  • Coney Weston
  • Cowlinge
  • Elveden
  • Eriswell
  • Gazeley
  • Great Bradley
  • Hargrave
  • Hawkedon
  • Hepworth
  • Holywell Row
  • Icklingham
  • Lidgate
  • Lord’s Walk
  • Market Weston
  • Ousden
  • RAF Honington
  • Rede
  • Stanningfield
  • Stansfield
  • Stradishall
  • Thelnetham
  • Troston
  • Whepstead
  • Withersfield
  • Worlington

6.3. There may be circumstances where policies will allow development to take place in either type B villages or in the countryside and further details are set out in part two of this plan. Examples of where development may be appropriate include:

  • Small scale infill residential development comprising one or two dwellings.
  • Replacement of existing dwellings on a one for one basis.
  • Conversion and re-use of buildings for employment or residential purposes.
  • An affordable housing exception site within or adjacent to a settlement boundary.
  • An agricultural and/or essential workers dwelling.
  • Where a neighbourhood plan is prepared and proposes site allocations.

Neighbourhood plans

6.4. Neighbourhood plans have been or are currently being prepared for the following type B villages:

  • Hargrave: the neighbourhood plan was ‘made’ in July 2018. The parish is currently reviewing their plan.
  • Withersfield: the neighbourhood plan area was designated by West Suffolk Council in January 2020.
  • Worlington: the neighbourhood plan area was designated by West Suffolk Council in July 2021.

6.5. The council will continue to work with those parishes preparing neighbourhood plans to ensure that this local plan aligns with the parishes aspirations as far as possible.