West Suffolk Local Plan (Regulation 18) Issues and Options October 2020

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Response Date 22 Dec 2020
WS147 Newmarket Town Council would object to any housing allocation for the west side of Exning Rd, being included in the Local Plan.

Newmarket Town Council would object to any housing allocation for the west side of Exning Rd, being included in the Local Plan.

Over a number of decades, a significant number of services have been withdrawn and centralised elsewhere.  For the town to be sustainable, these services would have to be reinstated and extended, together with improvement in overall infrastructure.

The following services have been lost to the town:

* A general hospital, including a maternity ward
* A&E Services
* Out-of-hours GP services
* Mental health services
* Support services for residents with disabilities
* A police station with public access
* Courthouse
* Post-16 education
* Railway station building
* Free recycling centre
* Cinema

The leisure and cultural offer of the Town should be identified as a key area of need to be addressed, with particular focus on providing a shared community sports and recreation area, a cinema, a museum of local history and facilitating participation in the Arts

The lack of green space and sports facilities within the town, is identified as a further key area of need.

Significant problems occur when road closures cause traffic from the A11/A14 to be diverted through Newmarket, effectively bringing the Town to a standstill. This could be alleviated through improvements to the road network.

Council Comments

Your comments are welcomed and have been noted. All responses will be carefully considered and will assist in the production of the next draft of the plan, the Preferred Options draft, which will be consulted on in early 2022. It is important to seek the views on all included SHELAA sites that have been submitted to us which could be suitable for development, but this does not mean that all or any sites in a particular village or town will be allocated. The next stage of the plan will set out the council’s preferred sites to meet the district’s overall housing requirement. This will be dependent on a variety of issues, including the consultation comments received, the overall distribution of growth, where the settlement sits within the hierarchy as well as infrastructure and environmental capacity issues.