West Suffolk Local Plan (Regulation 18) Issues and Options October 2020

Part 1 - developing a spatial strategy

Part 1. 4. Strategic objectives

4.1. A set of strategic objectives (SO) have been defined which aim to deliver the plan's vision as detailed above. The objectives build upon national policy and address key local challenges. These objectives will form the basis for developing the spatial strategy for the district and local plan policies.

Strategic plan priority

Growth in West Suffolk's economy for the benefit of all our residents and UK plc.

Business and the local economy

SO1. Support the local economy of West Suffolk by ensuring an adequate supply of land is available to accommodate a range of local businesses and startups.

SO2. Ensure adequate infrastructure is provided to support new growth and that communities are both physically and digitally well connected.

SO3. Support the growth of the visitor economy across West Suffolk.

Man working in office
Suffolk Business Park (2020)

Climate change mitigation and adaptation

SO4. Ensure West Suffolk is equipped to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and impact on climate change through providing opportunities for sustainable travel, low-carbon buildings, and encouraging and utilising renewable and low carbon energy generation.

SO5. Avoid building in areas of greatest flood risk and manage future flood risk through improving resilience and by implementing innovative planning and management techniques.

Little Whelnetham flooding (2016)
Little Whelnetham flooding (2016)

Strategic plan priority

Increased and improved provision of appropriate housing in West Suffolk in both our towns and rural areas.


SO6. Support a range of dwelling types and tenures that reflect communities' needs.

SO7. Create safe, inclusive and accessible places by focusing homes in sustainable locations where people can readily access jobs and facilities.

SO8. Promote high quality design and the use of sustainable building materials and techniques to create more distinctive and sustainable neighbourhoods which integrate with their surroundings.

Cricket View Worlington Road
Cricket View, Worlington Road

Rural areas

SO9. Support agriculture, farm diversification, estate management and rural tourism that will sustain the function and character of the countryside and its communities.

SO10. Sustain and support the rural areas through the safeguarding of local centres and services and by encouraging rural diversification and the growth of the agricultural sector.

SO11. Meet the housing needs of rural areas appropriate to the requirements of individual settlements.

Clare footpath (2020)

Clare (2020)

Strategic plan priority

Resilient families and communities that are healthy and active.


SO12. Conserve, enhance and protect the character, quality and appearance of the natural and historic environment and distinct landscapes.

SO13. Promote the sustainable use of natural resources.

SO14. Seek opportunities to increase the provision of multi-use green spaces and corridors.

SO15. Ensure new development maximises the potential to reduce its environmental impact including noise, air quality, recycling, waste reduction and water efficiency and seek to achieve net biodiversity gain.

Gazeley Woods (2020)

Gazeley Woods (2020)

Communities, wellbeing and culture

SO16. Enable healthy lifestyles and foster healthy and safe communities through good access to existing and planned community infrastructure, including leisure facilities and green spaces.

SO17. Reduce health inequalities and enable the provision of facilities to improve residents' physical and mental wellbeing.

The Apex, Bury St Edmunds (2019)
The Apex, Bury St Edmunds (2019)

Connectivity and accessibility

SO18. Reduce the need for travel and make access to jobs, facilities and green space by public transport, walking and cycling safer and easier.

SO19. Recognising the differences between urban and rural areas, foster and promote an integrated sustainable transport network across the district that promotes a modal shift in travel.

(Bury St Edmunds rail station)
Bury St Edmunds rail station