West Suffolk Local Plan (Regulation 18) Issues and Options October 2020

Part 1 - developing a spatial strategy

Part 1. 3. Vision for West Suffolk

3.1. The vision for West Suffolk District will underpin the whole plan and contribute to the delivery of the council's strategic framework priorities. The vision is a statement of ambition setting out what changes and developments the policies within the local plan should seek to achieve in the area by 2040.

Adopted strategic plan vision

Being ambitious is supporting and investing in our West Suffolk communities, businesses and the environment, to encourage and manage growth in prosperity and quality of life for all.


How we will achieve our vision through the local plan.

3.2. Below sets out the council priorities and in bold how we bring the vision to life for the local plan.

Leading the way and encouraging and managing growth and prosperity and quality of life for all.

Priority: Growth in West Suffolk's economy for the benefit of all our residents and UK plc.

By 2040 West Suffolk will have enabled its communities to access suitable homes, jobs and services. Businesses and our diverse rural economy will have had the opportunity to grow and prosper having responded to the challenges of climate change.

Priority: Increased and improved provision of appropriate housing in West Suffolk in both our towns and rural areas.

We will have ensured a variety of new housing has been provided in appropriate locations, that meet both the needs of the population and the environment.

Priority: Resilient families and communities that are healthy and active.

Our settlements will be places where families and communities can live safe and healthy lives with access to education, leisure, health and cultural facilities and open spaces which will reduce the need to travel. The special character of the built and natural environment will be protected and enhanced.