West Suffolk Local Plan (Regulation 18) Issues and Options October 2020

Part 2 - local issues

Part 2 - 1. Introduction

1.1. Part one of this document sets out a draft land use vision for West Suffolk, draft strategic objectives and the draft strategic issues that we need to plan for in the district. There are options for how we plan for these, and your responses to the questions in this section will help develop the policies that we will consult on at the next stage of plan preparation.

1.2. The previous section also explained the sustainability appraisal (SA) process, the continuous appraisal process that helps ensure the plan is in line with the aims of sustainable development, and that a SA scoping report has been prepared to provide a baseline position and the key issues we will need to consider in preparing plans for growth and development.

1.3. We have used the SA scoping report to identify issues in West Suffolk that are particularly relevant to our area, and this part of the document is set out as a series of topics:

  • Natural and historic environment
  • Transport
  • Employment
  • Climate change
  • Housing
  • Retail, leisure and wellbeing
  • Rural communities
  • Horseracing

1.4. Your responses to these topics and issues will together with evidence help develop policies used in determining planning applications that we will consult at the next stage of plan preparation.