West Suffolk Local Plan (Regulation 18) Issues and Options October 2020

Amended site boundaries to existing SHELAA sites 2020

These site boundary amendments were submitted to the council during the issues and options local plan consultation 2020 and no assessment of their availability, suitability or achievability has been undertaken. The next step is to assess the sites and this information will be placed on the website as soon as possible.

Please note that (A) after a site reference indicates that the site area submitted during the 2020 ‘call for sites’ differed to that previously shown in a SHELAA document and therefore the site area has been amended to reflect the new area.  

The only settlements shown in the table below are those which have had a site boundary amendment submitted in relation to a site within the settlement.

Settlement Sites
Barnham WS679(A) St Martins Meadow

WS010(A) land at Barrow Hill

WS228(A) land off Barrow Hill

Beck Row

WS020(A) land east of Mildenhall Drove

WS655(A) land south of Wilde Street


WS249(A) west of Brandon

WS261(A) Brandon Cottage, Rattlers Road

Bury St Edmunds

WS268(A) land west of

WS327(A) made up of WS573, WS543, WS330

WSE012(A) Honey Hill, west of Bury St Edmunds


WS080(A) land east of Heath Road

WS661(A) Marsh Stables

WS663(A) land to the rear of 2 York Villas, North End 


WS586(A) Wisdom Toothbrush site

Higham  WS107(A) land north of post office
Icklingham WS370(A) Roan Hall - part of

WS400(A) land off Covey Way and The Firs


WS145(A) Hatchfield Farm


WS459(A) School Road

Stanton and Shepherds Grove

WS170(A) land to the west of Duke Street


WS192(A) land north of Bunters Road

WS195(A) land to the east of Gaines Hall

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